On the Market

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? HA! I actually wasn’t able to sign in on here for a few days because of a bad gateway (whatever that means). Anyhow. We are all moved and slowly getting settled in. On the 4th of July, we woke-up in our home, of over 9 years, for the last time. It has definitely been a bitter-sweet process.

Since my cats are inside cats, we had to document their adventure to their new home. They handled it surprising well!

Leaving their old home.


The car trip was pretty entertaining!


This picture cracks me up! Kelly looks like she’s saying, “It’s all your fault Jessie!”

photo 23

A short 4 miles later, they arrived at their new place.

photo 12

A very thorough house inspection quickly took place!

n3photo 8photo 7

I’m happy to say that all is well in furry world again. Everyone is settled in, gazing out windows and napping as usual.


We finally have kitchen cabinets in the new house too (appliances are still not hooked up though). I love them!!! They turned out even better than I imagined!


The biggest thing so far though, our old house is officially on the market!

photo 2 11.47.11 AM

I took a little time off from work to get it in sellable condition. After 2 solid weeks of looking like this…

photo 38

It is all done! For the most part. There were/are still a few little things that have to done but the big stuff is over.


Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long to sell! We spent this past Saturday morning back over there. We had to break-up a tiled area out back (it had already been falling apart). It looks 100% better now!

photo 1photo 2photo 3

All done!

photo 6photo 9

Man was it hot and HUMID out! Even at 9 in the morning I was sweating like crazy! Bleh…

photo 4

I’d say in another month or so, we should be completely unpacked and have some kind of “normal” routine going. For now we are just taking it day-by-day. Jessie, however, already has her routine of laying in the garage, guarding her palace.  :wink:

photo 2

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I promise once this move is done I’ll be able to post much more consistently. It has been crazy in my world lately. There just isn’t enough time in the day! Ha! Here’s some random pics of the last week or so.

Master bath painting. I still have a smig to do in there but it’s almost done.

Before color:




Progress so far:






I painted my first ceiling by myself. It turned out great I think! I totally impressed myself with the amount of profanity I was able to string together during the process.


We had a mango tasting at work. There were 7 different types. It was pretty interesting how different a few of them tasted.


Got the dining room floors at the “new” house done.








My kitchen appliances came in! They are beautiful! :)







Had a great lunch with these ladies!



Went to my father-in-laws company picnic at a water park!








Painted some pics for the house. :)





Of course, had furry time!








I also sort of made friends with a cotton tail rabbit!


There’s been a ton other stuff happening too but I haven’t been good about getting pics. :(

That’s pretty much the last week in review. Hope you’ve had a good one! See you soon!

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On the Move

I, sadly, did not get as many “action” pics as I thought I would of this weekends moving shenanigans. I got so wrapped up in the “get it done mode” that I just didn’t really think about it. Really, I blame the heat. Saturday was blazing and humid! Bleh.

We did get quite a bit done though and I did get some pics of the first official load that left the house!

PicMonkey Collage

Of course, the critters helped. In their own way…

M2photo 10

I kept thinking, “this is really happening!” We have been talking about and planning to move for months now. So it was very surreal.


A sweet coworker/friend of mine came by with two of her boys to help us out on the second load. I cannot thank them enough! We got even more moved than planned because of them. Thanks again!!!

photo 17

We wrapped up this go round about 11:30. It was just starting to get way too hot and we were at a good spot to stop. There’s still some old things that need to be moved out of our “new” house and we are still waiting on cabinets for the kitchen. Plus, we are refinishing the dining room floor, so can’t put anything in there just yet.

After a quick lunch of, I have no idea, can’t remember what I even ate, I went back over to start organizing as much as I could. The bedroom is the only room that is even close to finished. Ha!


I also got my super cute fan pulls hung in the kitchen. Gah! I love them!


I went out to do a little shopping late in the afternoon. As you can imagine, I have a list a mile long! The problem is, I’m not a shopper at all. I don’t have the patience for it. I wear my clothes until I have no choice but to go out and get new ones. Even then I usually decide they can get a few more wears! What’s a few holes and stains gonna hurt, right? With that in mind…after a good two hours with my list in hand, this is all I got!

photo 23

Two knobs for the cabinets in the master bathroom. Pitiful I know. Oh, I did also get curtains for the bedroom too! I almost for got that! I’ll get a pic of those soon.  :lol:

I met up with Deon for dinner a bit later, we were starving! We decided on mexican at El Omeca. It wasn’t pretty, you’d think we hadn’t ate in days. We ate like it was our JOB! HA!


The aftermath…

photo 28

We are still staying at our current house right now. Until we get the dining floor done and we can move the furries over at least. They weren’t too sure about the sleeping situation at first but they settled in before long (because they are lazy).  :smile:

photo 9

Sunday was a little more low key. We slept in a bit, then went and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom. I didn’t get a pic of my food at all. Once she sat it in front of me, I started chowing down! I’m still trying to get back into the blogging mode, so keep forgetting to get pictures. I got a pic of my beer though! LOL!

photo 29

I started painting in the bathroom too. It’s only the first coat in these pictures so it doesn’t look great yet but it’s a start. I love the color!! Can’t wait to get it finished and see what it all looks like together!


That’s pretty much all I did Sunday. It took a bit longer painting the two cabinets than I expected.

Regardless, my pooch was worn out from the painting nonsense.   :wink:


Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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