Today was pretty good day! It started with a breakfast of Chobani, hashbrowns with cheese and coffee.


Some work happened. Then lunch! Ha! Leftover chili mac, a simple salad with redwine vinegar and olive oil, washed down with a Tazo. 


After work I ran home real quick to cook dinner. We had a party to go to! 

Tonight was taco night! I heart taco night so hard! LOL


A good bud of mine celebrated her 40th birthday today with a backyard get together. She requested no gifts but I couldn’t except that, 40 is a big deal birthday! So, to keep it simple and give her something that she could actually use, I made her a birthday lunch coupon. Cheesy, maybe? But it won’t clutter the house and who doesn’t like a free meal?


It was a gorgeous fall-like night (so weird this time of year, we are usually melting from heat and humidity). Perfect for a fire, beer, cake and mindless chit-chat with some of the world’s most amazing people!



Her favorite beer, New Belgium Fat Tire, was on tap and her favorite color, periwinkle, even showed up in the form of smoke bombs! I’ve requested glittery pink ones when my 40th rolls around. :)



A lovely night clebrating such a lovely lady!


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Crops and Hops

Before I get to today…I had to show y’all how much fun Fonzie had in the mud late yesterday afternoon (his other side looks exactly the same). Needless to say, he got a bath.

photo 10photo 11

He is a MESS! Definitely keeps us on our toes.

I woke up this morning extremely hungry for some reason. More so than normal. I grabbed a Chobani out of the fridge and got back in bed to eat it. Do you see the lil begging photo-bomber?

photo 12

Once I got to work, I grabbed some coffee and took a quick gander at the lectures on the list for today at the conference


There were a few I defintely wanted to make sure I heard. I actually ended up catching a couple I hadn’t planned on that were really good too!

A few of us headed over across the street to the conference center at about 10:30AM to catch the second session start (there was already several presentations starting at 8:00 this morning in the first session).

photo 18photo 19photo 17photo 20

We broke for lunch and walked back over to the main building. I had a random lunch of leftovers.

PF Changs (candied walnut and shrimp with melon balls) from Sunday night.

photo 32

Half a turkey sausage and roasted fennel cabbage from dinner last night.

photo 31

All with another Chobani (I managed to grab the same one I had this morning).

photo 33

Several more of us headed back over to the conference after lunch to catch a few more of the talks in the third session. One of my bosses was actually chair of this session. :)

photo 34photo 28photo 29

After I left the lectures, I got a couple things wrapped up at work, then ran home really quick to let the dogs out. Once they handled their business, I went back up to work to attend the Hops on the Helix event! Beer and food trucks…SCORE!


Food trucks!


I went for the Rollin’ Lobster truck…first round! LOL

Maine lobster roll, chips and fried mac and cheese lobster bites! So good!


I also split some pizza from Earth and Stone Wood Fire Pizza with Deon. AMAZING! The veggie one was so yummy!


If that wasn’t enough, this happened too. 


It was a bit warm (humid) today, so I wasn’t too sure how comfortable it was going to be outside. It actually, thanks to a nice breeze, turned out to be a nice evening. 




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I managed to waste and entire weekend. I mean WASTE!! I didn’t do anything! It rained off and on Saturday and Sunday, I had an awful headache most of the day. I sat and watched mindless TV both days. So sad. Now I have a crap ton I need to get done this week! Bleh…

On to the uber cool stuff though! This week my company is hosting a big conference. This conference is awesome because it is directly related to what I do! My bosses and a couple coworkers from my lab are very much involved in it.

photo 5

Today was the opening day. Mainly just getting people registered and settled in but there was some events as well. They were all later in the day/evening so I didn’t attend any of them. Tomorrow will be different though!  :)

I got a few pictures for today. We all LOVE the DNA tree!

photo 7photo 6photo 211009152_10153872354524502_5054736269424693107_n11165266_10153872354659502_632446347655010199_nphoto 9photo 8

I’ll have more for y’all tomorrow. That’s it for today! :)

photo 3

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