Under the Rocket

I finally got my largest flower bed all cleaned out, weeded and seeds put out. It may be late to start seeds but it stays warm here pretty much through November (before we get a freeze) most of the time, so, maybe I’ll have a bed full before the summer is done? My gardenia bushes are looking a tad wild but they are starting to get buds on them, so I can’t trim them just yet.


My dahlias and lilies are doing great!


Today was the wrap-up event for Rocket City Yoga Week! It has been a fun week, learning what types of yoga I do and don’t like! The finale took place at the Davidson Center under the Saturn V rocket. There was over 300 yogis registered to be there. Not sure what the final count ended up being though?


My little area and view!


Some of the instructors this week! So awesome of them to donate their time and studios.


Some pics of the yoga portion (these pictures belong to Rocket City Yoga Week).


There was a little henna tattoo you could get done. It’s a person with their arm up, yoga! HA! It took me seeing it a few times to realize what it was suppose to be. :)


LOTS of door prizes were given out too!!! I won a prAna headband!!


It should be exciting to see how much more this event grows next year and what new, fun ways they come up with to do yoga! Until next year…


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On the Fence


Doing a super quick post tonight. I’m beat!

I got up, made some coffee and had a banana with a morning friend!

Once I was good and awake, Deon and I loaded the pups up to take then for a quick ride. It’s been so crazy lately and they’ve been stuck at home. Poor babes needed a good old bub-bye! I think they enjoyed it! (sorry the pics aren’t the best)

Our destination was Juice Bar! We grabbed a couple juices and energy shots, then headed back home.

My yummies!

I met a couple buddies for our first hot yoga class ever! I mentioned how much I loved the warm yoga experience I had the other day. Verdict for “hot” hot yoga: eh…jury is still out. I’m going to give it another try at some point, now that I know what to expect. I don’t see how anyone does it first thing in the morning and goes to work after though. I was completely wiped out for awhile after being in that heat.

I had a quick cold wrap and ate a banana when I got back home and pealed out of my sweaty clothes. I looked like I had jumped in a pool. Ha!

Wrap: mozzarella, salt, pepper, tomato, basil and whole roasted garlic gloves.

The dogs followed me out to the greenhouse after I ate…guessing it wore them out? That long ass walk!  *insert sarcastic font

I met up with Deon while he had lunch at EF since I needed to grab a few things there as well. While he ate, I had a local brew and some bubbly water.

I spent a lot of time in the flower beds today. They are almost all weeded! I let it go way too long. They were crazy bad! I’ll have some pics tomorrow! :)

It was pretty much dark by the time we got back inside. Some quick showers and fur feeding happened, then the people ate. Nothing huge by any means. I spent the day so hot, my appetite has been kind of low today because of it.

Rotissorie chicken and strawberries with raw sugar (this batch was very sour). TONS of water too!



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Yoga & Chocolate

I had a very simple breaksfast this morning. I just didn’t feel like making a smoothie. Sad, I know.


I had an appointment on my poor feet today. I have to start having steroid injections in my left foot arch/heal for a couple rounds. The stretching, laser, icing and pressure point massage is just not helping as much as hoped. I might even get to wear one of them sexy boots for a minute. Ha! My right foot to doing better though!

I drove around and did a little window shopping to kill sometime before next yoga class. I arrived a little early, since I wasn’t 100% sure where it was located. As I was chilling in the car, listening to the radio and realized, I compleletly skipped lunch! At almost 1:00, my stomach was finally getting around to reminding me. Luckily I had some almonds packed in my bag and this was another genle yoga! No calorie scorcher.  It was a really lovely class to. Extremly calming and the people were great!


There was a raffle ($5 a ticket) for a great basket full of goodies and the proceeds went to K9 Warriors. I wasn’t the lucky ticket but it’s all good! Such a great cause! 

I mean look how happy these yogi intructors are!!!


We even got a little goodie bag for being there! 


When I got home, I scarfed down a yogurt, strawberries, grapes and more almonds! Drank a huge glass of water and took about and hour and a half nap. I had developed a headache (from missing lunch…duh…I know better).

When I got up it was time to yogi up again! I was really looking forward to this one! A friend from high school was going to be there and it was in one of my favorite places: Lowe Mill!

Yoga, Wine & Chocolate


My on-the-mat view! :)


I bought a little box of truffles to support the Mill and the local shop, Pizzelle’s, but not sure what I’m gonna do with them. I’m not a fan of chocolate, especially in this form, they are extremely cute though!! I’m sure they are delicious too! :)


Creepy yoga’s-a-wrap selfie. Hehehe!


Afterwards I met up with Deon for some dinner. Needless to say, I was pretty darn hungry! We met up at Mellow Mushroom: tomato soup, meatball appetizer (which I didn’t get a picture of) and a draft!


After putting some solid food in my belly, I am done for the night!  

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