I hope y’all have a great weekend!! I’ve been in a weird place the last couple weeks. Hoping to shake it off and get posting again next week!! We shall see you then! :)


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A Piece of the Past

I’m so happy that this lil man slept from 8:30 last night until 5 this morning! He still wasn’t quite ready to get up either. LOL

photo 1

Breakfast! Dairy overload. Didn’t realize I had ate that much of it this morning, until I saw the picture.

Coffee, cherries, string cheese, cottage cheese and a mini yogurt.

photo 2

For lunch…just some leftovers from last night.


While the day was pretty standard for a Monday…we had a great night! We met up with some friends in Decatur, AL to check out a ship from WWII. My Grandpa was one of the few that landed on Normandy and came home. It was cool to actually see a piece of his history! We didn’t get to do the inside tour (it closed at 5 and that’s when we got there) but just seeing a piece of that dark part in history looming if front of me was amazing enough.

The LST 325, the last of it’s kind.

photo 164photo 43photo 13

If you’re interested, you can read all about her here! It’s pretty interesting!

photo 12

Afterwards we went and had dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Vittone’s! We shared a tapenade appetizer that I forgot to get a good pic of. This is an after being attacked picture. :)

photo 11

Kinda looks like cat food now that I think about it. HA!

For dinner I had the Classico Calzone (mushroom, spinach and roasted garlic) with a Flip Flop Red IPA on draft! Sooooooo Gooooooood!!!!  :tounge:


It was such a great night! Hope y’alls was good too!

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The Weekend

I had an extremely productive weekend, although I didn’t do anything I had actually planned on doing (for the most part). I meant to spend the weekend getting the inside of the house under control. I had let it go last week from severe lack of sleep. I ended up outside instead! Which outside needs a ton of attention too. Even more than the two days I gave it.

The first part of Saturday was uneventful. I slept uber late since someone was up all night.

(he had his first ice cube Friday afternoon, hilarious)

photo 9

We have discovered that he definitely has his nights and days flipped. So, my new goal when I get off work during the week, WEAR HIM OUT! He spends so much time sleeping in his crate during the day, he’s ready to play at night. The weekends are much better. He doesn’t get crated much and spends all day playing outside.

I got out and mowed the yards Saturday afternoon and gave the crazies a bath. Which totally wore them out.

photo 6

Sunday, I was outside ALL. DAY! My Dad came by in the morning and helped us out with some yard work. We weeded my poor flower beds (they were awful) and trimmed up my two little trees (I’ll have before and after pics when we finish up the other bushes and stuff). We had tons of help too! Remember those baths Saturday evening? Pointless! LOL


We stopped and had lunch around 11-ish (totally didn’t get a pic of the food). We also did a little piddling around at the old house and made a Lowe’s trip.

I headed back home after that to do some more stuff outside. My project! A Fall “porch” garden! I have to put so much weed killer on the actual garden, it won’t be plantable until next Spring. Yep, I let it get that bad. Here is the designated corner.

photo 22

I have two rod-iron little tables that were my Mom’s. They were in pretty bad shape though.

44 45

I gave them a good coat of black spray paint, cleaned up the glass, now they look brand new! So, they are part of my garden corner. I rounded up a bunch of pots, dirt and some seeds.


A couple hours later! Viola!

photo 25

I couldn’t find my carrot seeds (have no clue where I put them). So, I have to get some more and plant them still. That’s what the yellow paper is in the one planter, my marker where the radishes end.

I think it turned out cute! Now, if it grows is another story…  :mrgreen:


By this point, with the heat and all the running around the back yard, I had two exhausted pups! We took a quick water break in the shade. It took everything they had to stay awake!


I started dinner once I got everything all cleaned up, eggplant parmesan!

4748photo 16

I used sting cheese on top. Haha! It worked! :)

photo 17

I’m happy to say my efforts to keep the dogs up paid off! They were so tired they didn’t even care people food was around. We kept waking them up too! Mean, maybe? But man I need sleep!!


Here are some more random veggie food pics (which I did a horrible job documenting again)! This is my final week as a vegetarian. :D

51photo 5photo 10

photo 7photo 8photo 1

Told you it was a horrible job.  :-S

Hope you had a great weekend! I’m ready to crash!

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