Is It Over?

OMG! Longest day ever! Note to self: not only do you need to finish gift shopping earlier, you need to get groceries before the last weekend before Christmas! Everything took 3x longer than I had planned for today.

I started the day by sleeping in, until 10! So didn’t mean to sleep that late but must have needed it. I had to jump up and throw some clothes on to get pups to vet before they closed at noon. No one’s sick or anything, just needed to get a medicine refilled and toenails clipped. Jessie will NOT let me do hers and Fonzie is so spastic that I wouldn’t even try! Ha! They’ve been so cooped up lately that they were more than eager for a ride!

After I got them all manicured up, I decided to take them to the dog park. This is the first decent sunny day we’ve had in a couple weeks. I definitely wanted to take advantage of it and let them run out some of their pent-up winter-blahs energy! That they did!








Once we got back home, they were more than ready to crash for a bit. I ran and grabbed something to eat (for the first time today) at almost 1:00! To say I was hungry would be putting it mildly.

Then the shopping ensued. I hate shopping on a regular day (so not girl-like of me), add holiday chaos to it and it just wears me plum OUT! Sadly, I still have a couple gifts to get! I either couldn’t find what I was looking for where I went or just forgot.

I stopped on my way back home to grab a juice at the Juice Bar. I felt so zapped and exhausted, thought something fresh and yummy might perk me up. Nope. But it was still delish!

We Got the Beet (24 oz)

While dinner was cooking, I got to work wrapping gifts. I had help, of course. I’m thinking since she wasn’t actually touching the table, she thought she was good to go? Silly girl. She knows she’s not aloud on the table. But I had to get her picture (doing no wrong) before I made her get down. She’s lucky she’s so stinking cute! LOL



For dinner tonight we had roasted (then mashed) butternut squash, Jasmine rice and baked chicken wings. MmmmmHmmmm! :P

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m joining these two bums!


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Rocket City Cycle Belles

Just stopping in real quick for a picture recap of another Christmas party. Tonight’s was with my cycling group, the Rocket City Cycle Belles. Such an awesome bunch of ladies to hang out with!

10433079_10152704608343778_1268867320573273289_n10685515_10152704611183778_4279320864754491322_n1459757_10152704611123778_8872462584307054043_nphoto 1photo 210341841_10152704277133778_922995251908635765_n

AMAZING margaritas!!


My eats and ONE of my margaritas. Did I say how amazing they were?

photo 1photo 2photo 3

We made earrings and a bracelet with bike parts!


My works of art!

photo 4photo 5

There was also some Pictionary (I was too busy crafting though). LOL!


We also had a gift exchange of bike related stuffs. I scored big with some new cycling gloves! I so wanted a pair and even better, they’re pink!!


And lets not forget this fella! Need I say more?


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Scuba Christmas

Another pretty awesome day happened today! I got off to an extremely late start, however. I do believe all the partying going on has worn me OUT! Ha!

I was in desperate need of something light and healthy first thing this morning. In steps The Juice Bar! Yummm…

Orange You Glad and We Got the Beet (plus a couple essential oil shots).

photo 1

We had a potluck lunch with the education department at work today. Always so much fun to hang out with those peeps! :)

My contribution was some homemade hummus and veggies for dipping.

photo 42

There was a ton of deliciousness going on…


My nibbles.


Tonight was also the Christmas Open House at the scuba shop I used to work at. I helped them move locations back during the summer but sadly haven’t been back in the shop since they’ve gotten all settled. It looks great!! And it was so nice to see all my old peeps. I so miss them!

photo 6photo 5photo 4

There were some refreshments but I held off for dinner. I did have a small (delicious) cup of black coffee though.

photo 3photo 2photo 7

After hanging out there for a bit, the hubs and I scooted up the road a short way to Bandito Burrito (one of our favorite hole in wall places to eat). I had a super ice cold Dos Equis and the veggie nachos – minus lettuce. I hate soggy lettuce. Blech.


We headed home to our wild furries after that. Tomorrow is a much easier day. No plans other than work and home. Thank goodness, I have a TON of laundry that needs to be started…

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