Mr. Man Premier…Year 3?

I love my sunny, happy flowers :lol:

It was a beautiful day here! It’s amazing what the lack of humidity can do :)

I slept until almost 11 this morning! Crazy! I needed it though. I felt almost brand new when I woke up. Unlike yesterday though…I was starving! :tounge:

I had some delicious biscuits and lots of fruit. I made my berries a bit different today though.

I usually use frozen fruit but the fresh looked so good when I went to the store. Since I didn’t have that “extra” moisture you get when you heat up frozen berries, I had to improvise. I sliced up some of the strawberries and threw them and some blackberries in a pot. Then I added about a tablespoon of Smart Balance and a little honey. I heated it all up just until the berries were warm. It was so good! There was a light sweetness and a hit of butter. I also had some super yummy cherries on the side :tounge:

Oh, and coffee, black of course. All enjoyed in the sunny (not humid) late morning air.

I piddled around the house for awhile doing those weekend chores. Pearly did her sunny day routine too. Inside, outside, lay in sunshine…I’M HOT…inside, outside, lay in sunshine…repeat ALL DAY! :mrgreen:

I really need to give her a bath :wink:

About 2:00 it was time for some lunch.

Sammy: avocado, cucumber, tomato, monterey jack, olive oil mayo and black pepper on a delicious wheat kaiser roll.

A caramel Oikos and more cherries.

Some serious laziness happened after lunch. It was pretty pitiful actually :wink:

My in-laws had tickets to a benefit tonight. However, my mother-in-law hasn’t been feeling well, so Deon’s Dad gave us the tickets to go in their place. It was basically a “man pageant” sorta but not really? That’s the best way I can describe it. But it wasn’t really a pageant. Anyhow! They were competing for Mr. Man 2011. And from what I gathered this is maybe the third year? (I wonder why they still call it a premier then?)

We got all gussied up in our best :smile:

I got to walk the red carpet too. Don’t be jealous my friends. Your day will come :lol:

It was at the Embassy Suites and catered by Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. We had never tried Ruth’s Chris before, so we were really looking forward to it! Verdict: I’m sooooo not impressed. At all!

1) I wanted chicken and I got steak!

2) When I do eat steak, I want it DONE, DONE, DONE! This one was not. I could actually taste the iron it was that undone (if you get my drift). So I only ate a couple bites of it.

The mashed potatoes and creamed spinach was really good though! The steak did have 3 pieces of shrimp that were tasty too. BUT…Deon can’t eat shrimp. So we had to send his back for one without it…and his ended up more rare than mine was. So, the food situation (for the most part) was just a hot mess. :wink:

Now, the actual show was awesome and very entertaining! There were 10 men in the show. They had to strut their stuff on a short catwalk and answer a question from one of the judges. All the men looked great in their tuxes. A few of them were crazy hilarious too! :lol:

It’s also the first time I’ve been in the Embassy Suites here in Huntsville. It’s a beautiful hotel.

After we left, we were still hungry (poor Deon ate even less than me). Since we were already downtown, we walked and ate at a little pizza joint called Sam & Greg’s. I’ve passed it many times but had never tried it. It was so good! And it had that awesome downtown hole in the wall charm. Which I LOVE!

I had a fantastic brown ale from a local brewery (local as in from Birmingham, AL).

We ordered a pizza & wings (which came with a ton of fries…I missed that on the menu somehow) to share. The wings were a tad too fatty for me, so I ate mostly pizza. (I don’t eat tons of meat and I’m extremely picky about the meat that I do eat…in case you haven’t noticed this) :tounge:

They also had gelato. Umm…yes please! I had toasted coconut and Deon had the hazelnut. *sigh* That’s what life is all about folks! :tounge:

Well that’s all I have for tonight. I’m off to wash all the make-up off my face, brush my teeth and have some quality time with the pillow! Hope your weekend is going good so far! G’Nite!

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9 Responses to Mr. Man Premier…Year 3?

  1. Sammy says:

    Gorgeous photos — you look stunning! The Mr Man sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Simply Life says:

    looks like such a fun time!

  3. Heidi Nicole says:

    Looks like a blast, although it sucks your food was less than impressive.At least you had the chance to find a great pizza joint… ;)

  4. It looks like you had a blast! That pizza and gelato look so delicious! Your dress is so pretty by the way :)

  5. Kiah says:

    Your pictures are freakin’ beautiful!
    I love having flowers around. I think they make a HUGE difference in how a space can feel :-)

  6. You looked gorgeous! Love the dress :) and it sounds like a really fun night, despite the crappy food. :)
    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  7. You look absolutely radiant my dear friend!

    And all of your eats look good too! But your breakfast and lunch are especially yummy looking!

  8. Nikki says:

    Wow, you look gorgeous, little lady!! And so are all of your pictures. Looks like a good time!

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