First Official Ride

I started early this morning to get a few things done before I had to be at a 10AM appointment. That way I had the rest of my day pretty much free! Yesssss! :lol:

I didn’t get my run or swim in like I’d hoped too but I did finally break in my bike that my Dad got me for Christmas! The only reason I hadn’t really rode it yet was because I had misplaced my helmet. I was fixing to give up looking for it and buy a new one when…dun dun duuun…it appeared! I had put it in a little chest at my Dad’s. He happen to open it this past week (for some reason) and there it was. I still don’t remember putting it in there? :wink:

It took me a good mile to get fairly comfy with the feel of my new wheels. It is much touchier than my mountain bike. Not sure how I feel about the toe cages yet? I thought I would like them more than clips (since that’s what is on spin bikes) but not so sure now. I have to remember to slide my foot backwards off the pedal when I want to stop. And I have trouble getting one foot in when I try to start going. I had to hold onto something to get both feet in. I didn’t even try tightening them babies! Hopefully it will get easier the more I ride it. I almost did 8 miles! Not bad first the first official ride on my rode bike! :lol:

Once my workout was done, I was free to chill the rest of the day. I treated myself to a Gigi’s cupcake. I’m not a huge fan of them but when I went to the free mini cupcake sampling, I saw on their spring flavors list a Champagne cupcake. My curiosity was peaked (I love champagne). It wasn’t one of the free samples though. And they only make them on Wednesdays. Perfect opportunity to try one! I actually really liked it! I usually scrape off about 90% of the icing (it gets to be way too much) but I ate all of this one! It was really tasty. :tounge:

After a quick sammy for lunch (and my cupcake), I took a little nap. Don’t get to do that very often during the week so I seized the opportunity. I guess everyone needed a nap today… :wink:

When I got up to let the girls out to do their business, I was greeted with grey stormy skies. I’m glad I was able to go for my ride early! Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

Once the rain started, I went to sit out in the garage with the puppies and kitty for a bit to watch and listen to it. There was apparently a double rainbow afterwards but I didn’t see it. :sad:

Here’s a pic of part of the double rainbow after the rain. I borrowed it from the Lowe Mill’s Facebook page. It is not my picture.

I had planned on having Minestrone soup for dinner but I didn’t quite get it in the crock-pot soon enough. Dinner tomorrow night! I ended up eating leftovers from last night. Which was still delicious!

Hope y’all have had a good one! G’Nite! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses to First Official Ride

  1. Nikki says:

    Awesome ride! I love my trek bike! And that rainbow is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Shannon says:

    I love rainbows (or pretty much anything in the sky)! I hate I couldn’t see it where I was.

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