FREAKING Tax Season…Grrrrrr

I hate tax time. More so when you owe taxes in the STATE that you live in! Really? I live here and pay taxes on crap That’s not enough? So sad! :sad:

Anyhow! It’s Friday and another “Fall-like” day! I would be okay with a Southern Fall day EVERYDAY! That would be awesome! :lol:

I had my usual Friday BIG breakfast in the bistro with the ladies. Ummm…YUM!

When I got to work I had an Easter treat on my desk. Yes! I love “cheap” bubble gum (for real, I do). Score!!

It was an extremely, not normal at all, quiet day at work. It was eerily quiet almost. Weird? I had lots of chat time with my Lacie though. So a good day at work it was. We had lunch extremely late today, it was almost 2PM, yep our chatting was THAT good. :lol:

An Asian shrimp wrap with corn fritters (man those things are amazing).

The coolest sign of Spring happened today too. What is that you ask? The ice cream truck!!!!! Yesssss! I swear I can hear that cheesy music a mile away. I LOVE the ice cream truck! I didn’t get any tonight though. But I did enjoy watching all the excited neighborhood kiddos! :grin:

Pearl even watched it (and the rest of the world) go by tonight!

Nothing like a Friday night with Pearl and Jessie Girl (who was barking at me when I took this picture, turd that she is). :smile:

Not quite sure what I will eat for dinner? Probably some of my Minestrone soup. We shall see. I’m not too hungry yet. :wink:

I shared this on Facebook last night. So thought I’d share it here too! I love poetry!! In case you wanted to know, LOL! In 5th grade (I lived in Oklahoma at the time) I memorized and recited this particular poem for an assignment. I still vividly remember the day too…I STILL HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! But it still remains one of my all time favorite poems. EVER! And I found it read by Johnny Cash! How awesome is that? Enjoy!

Hope you have had an amazing T.G.I.F.! G’nite! :mrgreen:

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3 Responses to FREAKING Tax Season…Grrrrrr

  1. Haha! The ice cream truck comes through my apartment complex neighborhood every day now and I am SO tempted to go chase it!!

  2. Simply Life says:

    oooh, that breakfast looks fabulous!

  3. Nikki says:

    Oh my gosh this whole tax thing has been a wreck for me this year. I accidentally put my school address on my one form and not my home address so they were all messed up! gah! taxes suck!!

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