What Can I Say?

Not too much to report on today…it was Monday. I was pretty busy trying to get a little ahead since I have plans tomorrow. Plans that involve my company. What?…you may ask! You will just have to tune in tomorrow evening to see. Muah hahaha! (666)

I started my day out with a toasted croissant and a fresh juice. Our bistro recently got a juicer and I’m quite excited about it! I want one but our kitchen is so tiny right now (and it’s something I’d like to be able to leave out). So, I’ll have to wait until we eventually move. For now, the one at work will suffice. My blend today was banana, strawberry, pineapple and honeydew. :tounge:

I went out to Arby’s today for lunch. I was knocked the freak out this morning and overslept a bit. Didn’t quite have enough time to throw something together to take. Oh well. Like I said…it was Monday.

I got some more stuff planted into the garden! I’m so excited! Now there’s squash, okra and broccoli in there too. Along with the cucumbers, green beans, yellow beans, snap peas and pinto beans. Mmmmm!!

I made a quick spaghetti dinner for supper tonight. Simple is always so tasty! Right? :tounge:

The sauce:

  • jar of Prego (tomato, basil and garlic) sauce
  • small jar of Ragu (traditional) pizza sauce
  • lots of mushrooms
  • black olives

Spooned over pasta with some mozzarella on top. So good!

I am exhausted (for some reason). So off to shower and hit the sack I go! Hope you have had a great day! G’Nite! :mrgreen:

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4 Responses to What Can I Say?

  1. Karien says:

    Your garden sounds fantastic! Wish I could plant veggies, but our dogs keep destroying everything… :(

  2. Nikki says:

    Why have I never considered putting black olives into my spaghetti??

    I love them so much!

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