Crafty Thursday

It was a long day today. Good. But long for some reason. I got up early to take Jessie Girl over to my Dad’s to hang with Pearl today and see my Aunt and Uncle again before they headed out to Jamaica. When I got to work I stayed pretty darn busy until lunch. I, grrrr, forgot my lunch today too. Again, grrrr. Lacie (being the sweetie she is) brought all the ingredients for turkey & swiss wraps…and made me one too! It was delicious! (sorry didn’t get a pic) Thanks again hoochie! :lol:

We had a weight loss, well I should say healthy living, program going on in February and March state wide. It was called “Scale Back Alabama”. Our lab had a male and female team (4 peeps on each). We were the “Skinny Genes 1” and “Skinny Genes 2”. At final weigh-in we occupied both the number one spot and dead last. It hurts me to say…the guys won. And today it stung even more when I was given a $25 American Express card to pass on to the hubby (he was one of the dudes). Hmph. I am VERY proud of our guys though!! Great job fellas!! :grin:

I’ve been trying to tackle small organizing tasks everyday in an attempt to make myself more efficient and, well, organized. Now this isn’t gonna happen overnight. I mean were talking YEARS of craziness here. I posted my recipe binder, that I finally did, earlier this week. Mind you…I’ve been putting that off for months. It literally took about 10 minutes total! That’s including the walk into the store to get the binder, gathering all the strewn about recipes, throwing out the ones I didn’t like (why I didn’t throw them away right after I realized I didn’t like them, who knows), printing the labels, hole punching and assembling. Nothing fancy but…efficient! I also cleaned out my planner. I know right? A planner is suppose to keep you organized. Mine was just a hot mess of chaos!

Today I tackled the binders at work! Sad that they weren’t labeled, huh? But I knew which was which (just glad no one else needed to know). DONE! Again, nothing fancy but since I work in a lab, if someone else needs to see something I’ve done and I’m not around, they can actually find it! Efficient!! :smile:

I went to my first Journal Club Meeting at work today too. My boss was giving the presentation, so several of us went down at 3PM to support her. It was a great talk on sunflower genetics. While she gave her presentation, I snacked on a few pretzels, a birthday cake Oreo and enjoyed a beer. Have I ever told y’all how amazing my job is? I feel so overwhelmed with joy when I think about it. So blessed to, one: even have a job, two: actually LOVE that job. And the people aren’t too shabby either! :grin:

I did a couple of “crafty” things at home tonight. I realized the other day we have nothing of our wedding out anywhere! I got this frame forever ago (because I likes it) but just hadn’t found the right picture for it. Now, it’s perfect!!

Then, I did a project from Pinterest that, surprise, I’ve been putting off forever. It’s a frame calendar.

I have a dry erase marker to use on the glass! It’s gonna do double duty as a family planner and menu board! EFFICIANT!! I am very happy with how it turned out! You would think I knew what I was doing! :lol:

I hope everyone has had an amazing day! I will see you peeps on Friday!! G’Nite! :mrgreen:

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4 Responses to Crafty Thursday

  1. Nikki says:

    Love love love the crafts! I don’t have the time right now but my goal for the summer is to be as crafty as possible!

  2. Marcy says:

    Congratulations on the crafts. Very cool!

  3. Sammy says:

    The planner is great …. I used to have a menu board, but it fell off the wall and never went up again! Love the wedding frame … we also have nothing up, might have to do something about that!

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