A Year Later

Today was the one year anniversary of the tornadoes that ripped through the south last year and turned lives upside down. My thoughts and prayers are with all those remembering loved ones lost.

I got to work super early this morning, so I could start my weekend early. Lacie and I did an early breakfast as well. I brought some Peanut Butter Cheerios and grabbed a coffee too.

I finished up my organizing at work today with the drawers at my lab bench. There’s 4 total (plus 3 that I share with my lab buddy LB but those aren’t ever messy).

Drawer 1 Before:

Drawer 1 After:

Drawer 2 Before:

Drawer 2 After:

Drawer 3 Before:

Drawer 3 After:

Drawer 4 Before:

Drawer 4 After:

Most of the drawers weren’t really bad. I just had accumulated extra stuff that I didn’t need.

Lunch was a couple slices of leftover pizza from last night.

Last night was our Spring Benefit at work. The day after any formal event, they give away the floral arrangements. LB was sweet enough to snag one for me when she went down to get one. Thanks! Flowers make everything brighter. :lol:

At about 4 this afternoon, we had a storm roll through. It was kinda surreal since it was at about 4-4:30 last year when the worst of the tornadoes hit my area.

I made fish and chips again tonight. I made the “chips” our usual favorite way this time though! :tounge:

While I was cutting the cod into fish sticks…

I managed to cut my finger with the knife. As clumsy as I am normally, I’m proud to say, I rarely cut myself with knives. But tonight I got my finger. Not bad though. It’s more like a “paper cut” kinda cut (so it hurts like crazy). It was nice enough to draw a little blood though (if blood of any amount makes you queasy…LOOK AWAY).

See, not bad at all! Just aggravating. :wink:

The final result was worth the battle wound though! Yummm! :tounge:

While I was sitting, watching TV, waiting for dinner to finish baking, someone wanted a belly rub. It’s not a pooch either! Yep! Baby Boy loves belly rubs, with your foot, while he’s standing up. Crazy cat! :lol:

Hope y’all have had a great Friday! G’nite! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses to A Year Later

  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    Thats a really good idea with the ranch dip stuff on potatoes! The worst part of finger cuts is just how hard it is to actually put a bandaid on them! That part seriously sucks!

  2. Kiah says:

    Amen, sistah! Sending lots of love to everyone in the south!

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